Application to Founders of Tomorrow 2021
Thank you for your interest in participating in Founders of Tomorrow program taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark between 14-18 June 2021.

By filling this application, you will apply to participate in an inspiring and educational experience of five full days of talks, workshops, and discussion on exponential technologies, intra- and entrepreneurship and impact under the theme of Regenerative visions - beyond sustainability.

During the five days, you'll also work with a team of 4-5 other changemakers developing an idea for a regenerative business shared on the final day. The days will be long and intense - most days, we'll start at around 8:30/9:00 and close the final fireside chat at 20:00. (We do understand that you might have other commitments (like family!), but wish that you can stay most days until at least 18:00).

Participation in the program is free-of-charge but seats are limited. We, the FoT organising team will make the selection of participants based on motivation and experiences described in the application form. We will be looking for people with passion and motivation as well as an overall diversity of backgrounds, skills and perspectives among the participants.

Regarding the format: As you know, there is a lot of uncertainty around how June will look like in light of the ongoing pandemic. Last year, we had to go fully virtual with Founders of Tomorrow, and managed to create an inspiring, immersive and impactful experience. However, this year, we would love to hold the camp physically if possible. Most likely, we will be combining physical and virtual elements. We will let you know as soon as we know what is possible.

Before filling in the application, please make sure that you fill the requirements of participation:
* You are over 18 years of age
* You are resident in Denmark and/or Danish citizen
* You are available to participate in the program between 14-18 June 2021.
You can read more about the requirements here:

Applications close on 30 April 2021. We will inform you of the results via email latest by 11 May 2021.

For any questions regarding the application or the program, please contact Reeta at
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