Speak at WorkerConf 2023
WorkerConf is a conference that celebrates all things Node.js, with the latest addition being AI. This year, we're celebrating these topics on September 23 and we'd love for you to join us!

Here are some quick ideas for topics:

- Cool AI applications you're working on
- Case studies of how you added AI to some existing application
- Architecture that scales
- Building a voice-commanded AI assistant using Web APIs
- Commentary on "prompt engineering"
- Whatever else you want! We encourage applying anyway.

Talks are around 25 minutes.

Should your talk be accepted, here's what you get:

✅ Professionally edited media of your session
✅ Speaker's goodie bag (shipped or handed in-person)
✅ Speakers Lounge area at the conference - Bands would call it backstage
✅ Speakers dinner, Lunches & snacks throughout conference days 
Hotel stay, at a lovely local hotel
Activity Day, where we have brunch, fun, and games in the Austrian alps

ℹ️ We currently would love to cover travel for speakers, but we do not have the budget to do this yet. If and when we can, we will. 

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