Aged YouTube Accounts Questionaire
How much more Ranking Power has a Aged YouTube Account? *
What are they good for
Do Aged YouTube Accounts Withstand More Copyright Claims and are not shut down?
How many YouTube Channels can you create with a Aged YouTube Account? *
Benefits of Buying Aged YouTube Accounts also called Legacy Accounts
This Accounts Allow the user to Rank Videos 50% to 100% higher on Average according to the Case Study in this page (Google and YouTube). This means that if you are trying to leverage the YouTube Video platform by targeting certain terms to get targeted traffic you will have more chances to do that With an Old One, thus increased the exposure of your video, traffic, sales and Ad revenue.

- They allow you to create up to 100 channels within the same YT Account without Phone verification. What does this means? This means that if you register a new YT Account, and try to add a new channel strait away, it will ask a phone number to send a security code. With an established account you don’t need to do this, especially if you want to have several channels.

- The “Authority and Age of the Account”, pass through, to the additional channels. What does this mean? Because they are old, we can achieve on average double the rankings, that if we were using new ones. Well, if you create a new channel from within this account, this newly created channel will also have the same ranking power than the original “Persona” Main Account. In principle you will have dozens of channels with the same ranking power than the original one. This has been tested.

- They withstand more copyright claims and YouTube will not shut down your account right away. What does this mean? Sometimes people report one or more of your YT Videos as spammy or not complaint with YouTube Terms of Service. Some people do this with the right purpose in mind, but others simply don´t want competition and report your videos to try to shut you down. Sometimes, even the YouTube Crawler, does this because miss identifies the origin of the video content. Sometimes it does find spammy content, because, well people just spam. Over the Years we have found once a claim happens, YouTube does not shut down the aged account right away. In fact it may withhold 2 or 3 warnings before, limiting or shutting down your account completely. This is beneficial, in the case that you have time to download and safeguard your videos, and even reverse back the limitations caused by the penalty.

- Some of our users have stated that are using his accounts to earn money from YouTube AdSense program have reported that they receive more revenue per 1000 views than from a newly created YouTube account. Also, now that YouTube only allow a YT channel to start showing ads when they reach at least 10.000 views, it makes even more sense to start new channels if you have one of this Aged ones.

- They are completely safe. They have been created several Years ago. And the only way you can get your Accounts banned is only if you don’t follow the YouTube Guidelines. Even then this accounts will withhold some of the its.

- Conclusion, this accounts are valuable, demand is high and there are not many around. Some of them I have register myself, others I got from people that didn’t need them anymore. I would be lying if say I wouldn´t mind to give them for free. I just sell a handful of them per month so people have little edge when starting a YouTube channel. Is not by any means a revolutionary thing. But it will certainly help you get more exposure, rankings and traffic, which is what we all YouTube marketers want.

- Good for:

o YouTubers
o Local Business
o SEO Experts
o SEO Agencies
o Video Marketers
o Pay Per Call Lead Generation With Videos


Gmail & Youtube
Natural & Real Accounts.
Never been spammed.
No strikes.
Clean History.
Fast delivery.
Unique & Clean IPs.
Unique Passwords.
Accounts available from 2006 to 2011 (with videos, some of them with hundreds of views and some subscribers).
Created and constantly used by real people (never used bots or been banned/copyrighted).
All accounts come with their linked Location where they were created, recovery email and year created.
Double Verified – Live Stream Enabled

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