Whiteaker Block Party 2017 Volunteer Signup
Thank you for volunteering with us! Please tell us a little more about yourself so we can maximize your volunteer awesomeness this year.
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Please mark "yes" or "no" for the following questions:
Are you willing to work more than one 2-3 hour shift?
Are you able to lift and carry 20lb?
Are you able to lift and carry 50lb?
Are you able to stand for long periods at a time?
Do you mind "dirty work"?
Are you mobile enough to walk quickly for several blocks at a time?
Do you have a current OLCC server's permit?
Are you first aid certified?
Do you have experience working with music equipment?
Do you have experience working with kids?
Do you have experience handling money? (e.g. cash register, Square)
Are you outgoing?
Do you plan on drinking during the Block Party (be honest!)
Are you 21 or over?
Tell us a little bit about yourself! How would you describe yourself to someone who has never met you before?
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Why do you want to be involved with the Whiteaker Block Party? What does Block Party mean to you and your community?
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Anything else that we should know? If you know what position(s) you are interested in, you may list them here.
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