Camas Invite C- Division Tournament Registration Form

Camas High School Invitational December 7, 2019

Team set-up is in the CHS Commons; enter through the door by the flagpole. The doors will be open by 7:45 AM. We are normally done with awards by 4:30pm. There will be invitational medals for 1, 2, 3 in each event and trophies (max 1 per school) for 1, 2, and 3. Please bring your own food.
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Please send your payment for the tournament as check or PO of 70$ for each team you are registering. Payments need to be made before teams are allowed to compete. Make your check/PO out to:

Camas High School ASB Science Olympiad
26900 SE 15th St.
Camas WA 98607
Phone: 360-833-5750 (Desirae Sehon, ASB Accountant)
Sehon, Desirae D. <>

Email this completed form to Matthew Chase …. Questions, comments, etc., please contact:
Matthew Chase, Camas High School Science Olympiad
360-901-1686 (my cell phone and contact phone at tourney site)

“C” tournament teams WILL be asked to sponsor one event for each team they register (max two).

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