Interactive Ontario's Experts-To-Go Program Application
Helping Ontario’s interactive digital media companies solve key business and marketing challenges

Experts-To-Go is a pilot program designed to provide Ontario’s interactive digital media companies with the expertise they need to tackle a specific business or marketing challenge at an affordable rate. Companies who are selected to participate in the program will receive a minimum of a full day of in-person strategic consulting, as well as a follow-up call, with a consultant or professional services provider working in the field relevant to their most pressing question. Companies will be matched with a consultant based on their individual needs, ensuring a customized experience.

Ontario’s interactive digital media companies are doing big things, often with small teams and limited budgets. This program is designed to fill the gaps in in-house expertise, allowing companies to find solutions to problems that are hindering project success and company growth.

Program fee
$250 per company selected for the program

Program Benefits
-An onboarding questionnaire that will provide your consultant with in-depth information on the challenge you would like to address through the program
-A match with a specialized consultant/service provider with expertise in your requested area of inquiry and knowledge of the interactive digital media sector’s unique challenges
-A minimum of one full day consulting session at your company’s office
-Follow up phone call or calls (up to two hours)
-The opportunity to work with a consultant at a greatly reduced rate – participants will receive consulting services with an approximate value of $2000. Solve challenges (with the added bonus of having the chance to test the fit of a consultant before considering for a longer-term engagement)

Eligible Companies
Interactive digital media companies with headquarters or an office in Ontario
(an interactive digital media company is one whose primary line of business is interactive content creation). Interactive digital media includes products such as games, immersive experiences (VR/AR), idocs, edutainment apps and other interactive applications designed for entertainment or edutainment. Reach out to if you are unsure of your eligibility.

Companies do not need to be members of Interactive Ontario to apply to the program, but if selected must become members before moving ahead with their participation in the program.

Participants must not have received money from the CMF’s Accelerator Partnership Program (A2P) in any given year since the inception of this CMF program.

Types of Consultants
IO will work with the selected companies to match them with the most relevant expert, based on the issue to be addressed through the program (1 per company). As such, we will accommodate requests for a wide variety of experts.

At least one third of the projects selected will focus on:
Discoverability and marketing expertise such as:
o Marketing planning.
o User acquisition and retention.
o Influencer marketing.
o Organic digital marketing and social media.
o Paid digital marketing.
o Analytics for decision making.

Projects can also focus on areas such as (not exhaustive):
Business development expertise such as:
o Business modelling.
o International market development.
o Pitching to publishers.
o Deal negotiation and structure.

Professional services such as:
o Legal
o Finance

First-come first-served. Limited spots available, so apply as soon as possible!

Selection Criteria

• Challenges and Opportunities – Is the company able to articulate the barrier to growth they would like to address and how solving it will impact their company? – 40%
• Company track record – Does the company have a track record of successful business operations? If the company is emerging, do they have a strong understanding of the industry? – 20%
• Planning – Does the company have potential for success? Do they have a good roadmap or product idea in place? – 20%
• Team – which team members will be participating in the program? Will the learnings benefit more than one team member? How diverse is the team? – 15%
• Impact – Is the company unlikely to be able to afford this expertise without the program? – 5%

Notification and program timing
Companies will be notified within 15 business days of their application whether or not they have been selected for the program.

Experts-To-Go is supported by Ontario Creates, Canada Media Fund, and BDO.
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