Spay/Neuter Subsidization Application
THIS PROGRAM IS FOR SHELBURNE COUNTY RESIDENTS AND THEIR OWNED/RESCUED PETS ONLY! If you would like some help in locating local spay/neuter programs, contact a nearby SPCA or rescue group and they may be able to direct you.

The high cost of spay/neuter services in the community can be challenging for some households. We know this and understand. We hope to prevent unwanted litters of kittens and encourage responsible pet ownership by removing this financial barrier and helping people like you to do the right thing and spay or neuter your pet.

PET Projects would like to provide pet owners in Shelburne County who can demonstrate financial need with an opportunity to have their animals spayed or neutered at a reduced cost. We are not government funded, but rely completely on fundraising and donations. So we want these dollars to stretch and reach those most in need who otherwise would not be able to get their pet fixed.

All approved applicants are guaranteed a certificate for $25. This application also gives owners and rescuers of stray animals an opportunity to request additional assistance. All other veterinary costs (including flea treatments) are the responsibility of the owner. The spaying and neutering of multiple pets within the same household will be based upon circumstance and funding availability.

Please fill out the application below to be considered for this program. The priority of our spay/neuter program is to focus on unaltered cats within Shelburne County. However, under certain circumstances we may be able to assist with dog spay/neuters as well.

THANK YOU for choosing to spay/neuter your owned or rescued pet!

Our promise: We operate in a confidential and respectful manner.


Feline Neuter: $40.00
Feline Spay: $70.00
Canine Neuter/Spay: Varies (based on weight of the dog)

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