Spring 2019 SOCL Team Registration
The SOCL is using this form for the Spring 2019 season to help better gather registration information and requests for each team that will be participating in the SOCL. Please go through each question carefully to make sure you enter accurate information. This information will be used to create the most balanced schedule possible for each team.

The 9v9 2008/U11 to 2007/U12 divisions, and the 11v11 2006/U13 to 2005/U14 divisions of the Spring 2019 season will be played on Saturdays and Sundays from April 6/7 to May 18/19. The 9v9 2004/U15 to 2000/U19 High School divisions will be played on Sundays April 14, 28, May 5, 12, 19 in a venue based 2 game format. (Remember the HS divisions are reserved for U19 players that are still enrolled in HS.)

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Age Bracket *
Answer this question based on the oldest player on your team.
Age Breakdown
If your team is not age pure, PLEASE provide the breakdown of your team (ie 4-2006s and 12-2005s).
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Strength of Team *
Based on previous season(s), how do you rate the strength of your team against other teams you have played in your division?
Scheduling Request Information
Are you coaching more than (1) SOCL team? If yes, please identify the other team, and do you have an assistant so that both teams will have coaches if they play at the same time at different facilities?
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Special Schedule Request
Each team may request up to 1 game day off during the season. Please remember this is a REQUEST, and not a DEMAND. Everything possible will be done to accommodate the Request. Provide Request, as well as a reason for the Request.
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