Leadership Training--Running your own class Part 1-Module 12

The most important responsibility of an instructor is to make the students happy that they came to class! If the students are happy that they came to class, they will come back for another class! If a student is coming to class, then an instructor can teach them the skills to become a Black Belt!

Every student should be greeted before they start class. This initial contact with the student is the first step in a long chain of steps to establish a rapport with the student. This step should not be overlooked! The greeting should not be overly long, or you will not have the time to greet every student. Here are a few guidelines to help establish rapport with the students during your greeting:

1. Try to use their name in your greeting. This lets the student know you care enough to personalize your greeting, and it will help you memorize all your student’s names.

2. Give the student a goal to work on during their class.

3. Let the student know what they need to do to earn their next karate goal. Also, let them know how much time they have to prepare for their goal.

4. Ask the student how they are doing today.


6. Recognize them for any achievements they have earned lately!


As a leader of the school, you owe it to your students to be prepared to teach the best class you possibly can. Before you teach, you should go through a mental checklist of the day’s activities. This will allow you to know what has to be done and what is needed for each class!


Check out the classroom from a student’s point-of-view! Is everything in its place? Is there any garbage or mess to be picked up or removed? Is your uniform looking (and smelling) professional? What is going to be taught today? Do you need any special equipment? Extra help? . . .etc.

 School clean
 Equipment Put Away
 Cards Stamped, Scanned, & Put Away
 Instructors Well-Groomed
 Uniforms Cleaned & Pressed
 Lesson Plan Prepared
 Extra Equipment
 Extra Help
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