DSWC/Colgay Pride - Board Application
* Attend and participate in the Board’s monthly meetings
* Attend and participate in as many Center programs and events as possible, many of which are
held on weekday evenings and weekends
* Participate in at least one Center committee, standing or ad hoc committee
* Serve as an ambassador for the Center by engaging a minimum of five new members of the
community as donors and/or participants in Center-related activities per year.
* Play a significant role in the Center’s fundraising, through an individual’s own contributions
and/or through soliciting others to donate to the Center
* Board members are expected to be involved in a substantial way with the major events the Center
produces each year, which include the following:
** Diversity Saturdays (held on the first Saturday of the month)
** Mr. and Mrs. Columbus Pride and Columbus LGBT Pride Festival (usually in June)
** World AIDS Day Vigil (in December)
** and more!
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Please list any groups, organization or businesses that you could serve as a liaison to on behalf of the Debra Smith Wellness Center
If you are not selected as a member of the Board, or if you decide not to join, would you like to be a volunteer to assist our organization in various ways that match your skills and interests, or join our Advisory Council?
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