Fill the form at your best knowledge and very honestly. Your answers are confidential and it is not a wrong or correct answer.
Are you willing to give away some of your stuff to help someone else?
Do you have something in your room that you probably haven’t used in over a year?
Do you have stuff stored under your bed?
Do you have clothes that don’t fit anymore but you still have them because of sentimental reasons?
In your house, do you have so much stuff in your garage that your parents can’t even park in there?
Did you buy something and were convinced you would use it but neglected it after a week?
Did you buy something because your friends urged you to but your didn't even like it or want it at the time?
If you receive $1000 during black Friday, How much money will you spend either during that day or during the Cyber Monday?
Imaging that during Christmas you get $2000 cash select 3 or more from the options below to tell us, what you will do with that money (Select as many apply to your case, you don't need to choose all)
Could you go at least a month wearing a different outfit every day?
The choices for what you buy are influenced more by what people will think of what you have rather than by what you actually need.?
Do you still have toys from when you were a little kid?
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