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Volunteer or Internship Positions
Administrative Office Support
Reception, Filing, Data Entry, Intake, Word Processing, Dictation, Calendar, Office Organization
Email, Website, Linkedln, Twitter, Public Service Announcements, Marketing, for organization
Translation of BRIDGE materials and interpreting for office visits
Client Support
Follow up on walk in requests
Multicultural BRIDGE Projects & Additional Volunteer Opportuities
Social Justice, Diversity, Immigration, Multicultural Education, Womens' Empowerment, Diversity Leadership for Youth
Children and Youth Programs; Cultural Competency Training, Workplace Language Classes
Community Organizing
Race Task Force, Community Dialogues on Race
Oral History Project
Gather stories from elders, immigrants, youth African Americans, and document in video or in writing
Please read the materials from our organization and visit website and tell us what you would like to do at Multicultural BRIDGE and why.
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Liaison/Supervisor name, relationship and contact info. (e-mail and/or phone number)
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*Please note that Multicultural BRIDGE is dedicated to Education as Learning, which is one of our core values and we are happy to host a volunteer, intern, and/or service learner.

** We recommend a minimum 20 hour volunteer or service learning program or a combination of both before taking a high school, undergraduate, or graduate study internship course or independent study. It provides an opportunity to become familiar with the organization and develop a relationship with the service of the organization and the staff. Some of that time could be from other related life experience.

***It is required that during your time as an intern or volunteer that you participate in 8hrs of Multicultural BRIDGE training so that you are familiar with the mission of the organization and its systematic approach & analysis as it relates to social justice and community building.

****Multicultural BRIDGE provides letters verifying service at the end of each program. We do our best to provide stipends for each intern position for those that have completed the BRIDGE training (dependent or funding).

Please let us know if you are interested in receiving credit from your institution.
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