Positive Speech Project
The Positive Speech Project (PSP) is an exciting program that inspires students to live more meaningful and successful lives with more positive speech. The unique feature of the PSP is that students engage other students.

The ideal student is organized, responsible, and inspired to make a difference by helping themselves and others live better lives.

FALL 2020 Course options:
-UIUC Positive Speech Project, Starting November 18th 7-8pm on Zoom.

I affirm that all the information provided in this application is true, and understand the Positive Speech Project guidelines below:
1) I understand that in order to receive the full stipend I will need to attend all the program components including weekday seminars and graduation.
2) I will comply with all basic standards of program conduct in a manner serving as a role model of the Positive Speech Project values. In the event of non-compliance, participants may discontinue the course without receiving funds.
3) A personal interview may be required before being accepted into the program.
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