Fraternity Recruitment Registration
Please use the form below to register for fraternity recruitment at Southeast Missouri State University. This form may be completed at any time, but please be aware that fraternities most actively recruit during the first several weeks of each semester. Do not register more than once!
Eligibility Information

ACADEMIC RECORD RELEASE: I understand that to participate in recruitment, I must be a regularly enrolled, full-time student in good standing with Southeast Missouri State University Cape Girardeau Campus. To join a chapter, I must also have a 2.5 or better cumulative/overall GPA from high school, or a 2.5 cumulative/overall college GPA if I have completed 12 or more college credit hours. The GPA that Southeast Missouri State University has on file (including transfer credit hours accepted by Southeast) is the GPA information that will be used. I understand that some chapters may require a higher GPA in order to join that particular chapter, and that I will be given that information during recruitment.

I authorize Southeast Missouri State University's Office of Greek Life to verify my academic eligibility and to enter my verified cumulative/overall GPA information into my recruitment registration. I understand that fraternities will be able to view and use this information during recruitment in order to make membership decisions.

INFORMATION DISCLOSURE: By submitting this registration I agree to the terms listed above and allow my registration information to be made available to the Southeast Missouri State University Greek chapters as part of the recruitment process.

Revised 5/29/2018
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Do you have any male relatives that are members of fraternities (either at Southeast or elsewhere)? *
If you have male relatives in a fraternity, please list their name, how they are related to you, and what fraternity they are a member of.
Please list any other information you would like the fraternities to be made aware of. This can include leadership involvement from high school or college, or awards received. You may also leave this field blank.
By checking the box below, I attest that I have read, understand, and agree to the eligibility statement above. I agree to release the information I provided in this form to the IFC Fraternties at Southeast Missouri State University for the purpose of determining my eligibility for membership. *
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