By filling out this form, you’re applying to the Energy Challenge project. It includes two main stages:
1. Virtual Academy (April-July) - charge-free online study program on energy topics;
2. Youth Day of St. Petersburg International Gas Forum (1st week of October) - three-day program of intersctive events for 50 best graduates of the Virtual Academy.
To join the Virtual Academy, you must pass a qualification test. More details will be sent after applying.
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12. Background in energy sphere
13. Are you officially employed (not for internship)? If yes, specify the company. *
14. How did you know about the Energy Challenge project? *
15. Please, give permission to use and process your personal data from this application form. *
*This point is obligatory according Russian legislation
Thank you!
Attention! After submitting the application, you should get a confirmation mail after 1-3 workdays. If you haven't received it, please check your spam box. If there is still nothing, please contact us by
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