Are you ready for the start-up challenges?
How do you fancy winning three months free office space, unrivalled access to Welsh growth accelerators, and mountains of publicity throughout Digital and beyond?

If you’re an entrepreneur with an idea to shout about you could bag all of this by winning the Start-Up challenge at Digital.

We’re inviting businesses to wow us and a panel of expert judges with proposals – and if your idea selected, you’ll be invited on-stage to make your pitch live at Digital at one of our three Start-Up Challenge sessions. (The GoCompare Start-Up Challenge, Digital Youth by Edtech 50 and Smart Agriculture by PA Consulting.)

Entering is easy.

1. Select your challenge and send your project (PowerPoint and PDF slide decks accepted, maximum 10 slides) by Thursday 17 May 2018 at midday
2. Send your project using the form below
3. A panel of experts will chose the top five applications for each of the three challenges.
4. The selected applicants will be invited to pitch for four minutes at Digital Festival.
5. Our expert panel will select the winners, who will be announced from Digital Festival’s main stage.

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Information on the challenges

The winner of this challenge will also get a coaching/mentoring session with Go Compare Founder and President, Lee Griffin, regarding their business idea.

Criterias to register:

• Applications can be submitted by a single entrepreneur or team
• They must have a prototype/product/service that is ready to market or in final stages of being ready to market
• All applications must fit with the GoCompare vision to:
o Provide a piece of the GoCompare portfolio of products/activities
o Help people save time and money
o Reduce botheration and hassle

Topics for applications to address:

• Innovative technology and/or marketing solutions that give customers more control over their personal data, while building trust around this sensitive issue
• The use of AI and machine learning to maximise sales opportunities and/or improve customer relationships
• Simple, integrated solutions that help customers manage their finances
• The internal use of blockchain to reduce costs and improve processes and its external use to support customers
• Achieving the aim of increasing financial literacy and inclusion via the development of specific solutions



Topics for applications to address:

Explore the use of digital technologies and innovation to:
• Improve levels of teaching, learning and understanding of key mathematical concepts
• Help children from non-English speaking backgrounds to improve their fluency in English
• Increase cooperation between students on homework and group projects
• Improve the way teachers coordinate their schedules and create/manage holistic group work
• Encourage collaborative work between schools across the UK, Europe and worldwide
• Improve learning of coding for students
• Improve learning of coding for teachers and adults
• Create new smart further education and training solutions
• Improve the learning experience for students with learning difficulties
• Investigate solutions to provide better integrated education



Topics for applications to address:

• Increasing productivity sustainably (in field, farm or end produce sales):
o Improving impact on harvest from better seeds and sowing - including use of fertilisers – in marketable crops (food, feed, fodder, fuel)
o Improving the use and security of materials and vehicles
o Improving oversight of conditions of stock and warehousing

• Handling animals for less stress and greater outcomes:
o Improving husbandry of sheep and cattle to reduce handling and increase health
o Investigating remote watering and feeding to reduce animal distress

• Raising digital skills and data use in the farming community:
o Investigating the use of data for total farm management
o Protecting the farm and security (e.g.) Fleet and materials tracking
o Using digital tech and VR /AR simulation for training purposes
o Managing land based goods supply chain for increased productivity and return
o Managing budgets in a reduced grant dependent environment
o Creating virtual networks, exchanges and markets for better return for Wales’ economy

There are 3 categories with winners in each:

o Juniors: 11+ to 18 school age groups
o Millennials: 18-30 sole entrepreneurs or start-ups
o Adults: individuals or SME companies

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