Brunswick Hub Community Survey 2020
We are carrying out a local survey, to find out what people know about the current services offered at Brunswick Hub in Shrubland Street, Leamington Spa.
Q1. Do you use Brunswick Hub?
Q2. What activities have you used at Brunswick Hub?
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Q3. How often do you visit us?
Q4. How would you rate the service provided by Brunswick Hub?
Q5. If you answered no in Q1, is this because:
Q6. How often would you say you take part in activities within your community?
Q7. How strong would you say the sense of community is in your area?
Q8. Do you currently volunteer anywhere?
Q9. Would you be interested in volunteering?
Q10. Do any of the following issues affect you?
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Q11. Are there any services/activities which we offer that you would be interested in learning more about?
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Q12. What services would you like to be provided from Brunswick Hub?
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Q13. Please give your gender.
Q14. What is your age group?
Q15. What type of housing do you live in?
Q16. What is your postcode?
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If you would like us to get in touch regarding events or volunteering at the Hub, please leave your details below.
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