November Treasurer Report Form
Hey treasurers!
It's that time of the month again– TRFs! This November form will be due by the end of the month, on 11/30 11:59PM as always. I know it's Thanksgiving break and a lot of you are stressing on college apps (me too), but It shouldn't take a long time to fill out, so make sure to get it in so that we can check up on your progress from the past month!

**An important reminder for the end of this month: Make sure to send in your early bird dues by Dec. 1st to qualify for early bird awards!! This year, you only need 11 dues paid members by 12/1 to qualify so everyone should be reaching for that goal. We highly encourage you to send in your dues (either by check or credit card) ASAP if you haven't already. **

As always, feel free to contact me through email, text, or Facebook Messenger if you have any further questions! Happy Thanksgiving everyone <3

Dana Lee
(213) 434-1373
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