Brave HQ Anonymous Feedback
This form allows you the opportunity to provide anonymous feedback to the people you've worked with at Brave HQ Clayton. Feedback helps us to further develop ourselves as professionals and as a business. It also assists us in making decisions about how we continue to improve the services we offer.
Your Working Relationship with us
Who did you work with at Brave HQ? Check all who apply. *
Place a mark in the box which most closely corresponds to how you feel about each statement. *
Strongly agree
Somewhat agree
Neither agree or disagree
Somewhat disagree
Strongly agree
Not important to me either way
I was listened to effectively
My point of view was understood
What was important to me was focused on
What I said was accepted without judgement
I was shown warmth
The person I worked with fostered a safe and trusting environment
Sessions began and finished on time
I felt comfortable with how much control I had in sessions
I felt challenged, and was assisted effectively if I became overwhelmed
The work I did with Brave HQ helped me to grow and change *
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
My overall level of satisfaction with the person I worked with is:
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