Help Us Organize HIV2020
THANK YOU for your interest in becoming a member of the HIV2020 Alliance.

We will be organizing working groups in early 2019 to help develop the program, communications, and fundraising plans for our conference on July 6-8 in Mexico City.

The HIV2020 Alliance is made up of volunteers and civil society members who believe in the importance of making space for community to lead conversations on sexual health and human rights. Working group members are not employees of the HIV Alliance and should not expect to be compensated for their time.

Please fill out this form to the best of your ability and we will get back to you in the coming months.

Until then -- please help us get the word out about this conference. Tell your friends, your colleagues, and help us speak truth to power! Follow us online @HIV2020 and join the conversation online with the hashtag #ReclaimTheResponse
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