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Hi everyone! Please fill out the following form to be matched with a high school mentee for this school year. Before you fill out this form, make sure you have reviewed the information we covered at our 1st Fall GBM (09-08-22). The recordings for the meetings can be found here: and the slides were sent out via email/Slack. Please email us with any questions at Also, make sure the email address you provide below is your SCHOOL email!
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Some high schools may ask for our mentors to go through a background check before interacting with students. Is this something you would feel comfortable doing? *
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Checking any of the boxes below is completely optional. Only the President, Vice President, and Matching Chair of PHMN will have access to this information and it will only be used to fulfill specific requests by mentees.
Did you attend our first GBM? If not, have you reviewed the recording/ slides to look over what your duties as a mentor are? (Only those that have reviewed our first meeting slides are eligible to participate as a mentor) *
Would you be interested in participating in our Buddy System program that was discussed during the first GBM? *
Do you understand that if you can no longer mentor someone, or if issues arise with your mentee, it is your responsibility to inform the board promptly of this via email? *
By submitting this form, you are agreeing that you have understood the mentorship rules outlined at the first fall GBM and will abide by them. You also acknowledge that any inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and will be grounds for immediate termination as a member of this club. Further action will be taken if necessary. *
If you have further questions about mentorship after reviewing our Fall 2022 GBM 1 Slides/Recording (09-08-22), please send all questions to
The slides can all be found on our Slack channel, and the invite will be displayed upon submission of this form.
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