Convocation 2017 Live Stream
Thank you for taking the time to view the live stream and the archived videos of the convocation services. Please answer the following questions to evaluate the live stream and archived videos so that we can improve this website.
Which local church do you attend?
If you watched the live stream instead of attending the service, please describe your reason for doing so.
If you were unable to attend the convocation, how many of the live stream services did you view?
How did you use the resources at
Assess the overall quality of the live stream.
Assess the overall picture quality of the live stream video.
Assess the overall quality of the live stream audio.
If you were able to attend the convocation in 2018 and if the live stream was available in 2018, how would you participate in the convocation.
Indicate how much you agree with the following statement: Live streaming of the convocation services should be continued.
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
Please feel free to leave any constructive comments or feedback. Thank you!
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