Web Widget customizations Beta
We know that many of our customers want to use the Web Widget to embed customer service on their websites to their end users but require a bit of flexibility when integrating the widget into their designs and to match their brands and user needs.
What's this all about?
This beta introduces new functionality that provides you with additional flexibility to change the placement, look, and feel of the Web Widget.

This is a rolling beta that has already released many features and more features will be added over time.
Is this available to everyone?
Yes! The only requirements are that you need:
1) The Web Widget installed on your website.
2) Access to your website’s codebase to include the desired zESettings.
This being a beta, are there limitations with the product?
What is expected of me?
There are a few things we ask of you:

1. Reply to inquiries asking how the beta is going for you.
2. Provide feedback on the feature, ease of use, and documentation in the beta forum
3. Report any bugs in the beta forum
Ready to take part?
All you have to do is fill in some information and you're ready to go!
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