2017 East CRDi Online Membership Form
Welcome to CRDi online membership form.


Do not email PACKISHERE about this form and signing up.

PRORATED Membership is now in effect - $30 from July 1, 2017 to Dec 31, 2017

Once your membership is processed and PAID we will email you individually with your membership info - please provide a legitimate email address so we can do this. If you have not paid we will not email you. If you have not paid within 14 days we will email your league to halt your on skates practice till you have paid.
If you do not pay CRDi after filling in this form you are not covered. Please read all the info here so you understand the process. Payment info is at the bottom.
Wallet cards are mailed to the league rep at the end of each month to be distributed. We do not mail the wallet cards to you.
Please note once PAID we cannot issue refunds as we use your payment to pay for your membership and accident insurance.

INDEPENDENT skaters must be a skater with 3 full years past league service. INDEPENDENT skaters cannot be Jrs! INDEPENDENT skaters must also do a minimum skater requirements test from a approved CRDi league and have this form signed and mailed into CRDi. CRDi will send you this form as needed. You cannot be an INDEPENDENT skater that belongs or skates predominantly with a USA league. If this is you you are required to have an alternative health care coverage, covered through work/spouse or extra travel insurance in addition to your provincial health care plan.
CRDi will email your membership info once you have paid and mail your wallet card to your home - make sure your address is correct as we only make and mail this card once. There will be an additional fee if we have to remake your wallet card if your info is incorrect and the card goes to the wrong address.

If you are a Canadian skater that belongs to a USA league you are required to have an alternative health care coverage. This can be coverage through work/spouse or extra travel insurance in addition to your provincial health care plan. Our accident insurance cannot cover you for INTENSE travel across the boarder to skate with a USA league. Please email us regarding this issue for more defined explanation.

CRDi will post your info we receive from this online form into your home league database.
Please only fill in this online form ONCE. When you fill in the form twice you create duplicate numbers and cause confusion and double billing - and a cranky email from CRDi!!

Membership runs from Jan 1 to Dec 31 each year.

2017 info:
2017 CRDi Full Membership ~ January 1 – December 31, 2017 - $50
For Adult skaters – over the age of 18.
2017 CRDi JR Full Membership ~ January 1 – December 31, 2017 - $50
For Minor/Jr. skaters – under the age of 18.

Prorated membership runs July 1 to Dec 31 each year at a cost of $30.
Apprenticeship membership is not offered July 1 to Dec 31.

2017 Apprenticeship - January 1 to June 30 - $30. Apprentice Skaters have never had CRDi membership and are BRAND NEW to derby. We ease the $50 membership fee by allowing you to try derby for 90 days. After 90 days if you continue to skate the fee is $20 to upgrade to full membership. We will email you and your league when your membership is expiring. If you do not upgrade at that time it will EXPIRE and we will not email another reminder. Your league however will not allow you to attend any on skates practices until you have upgraded and are a paid full member.

2017 CRDi rep membership is $30 - it can be applied to only one skater and expectations are that the rep hold the position from January 1 – December 31, 2017. CRDi Reps look after the league database, help skaters sign up, hound you to wear all your gear, make sure everyone is covered managing all the memberships within the league.

2017 - Year of appreciating your league ref. $30 is the fee for Refs that have over 2 years of service as a Full Time Ref. You cannot be a ref and a skater/coach/NSO/whatever! This is for skaters that are REFS only. CRDi will be verifying all refs and requesting a resume. Please update your resume.

Out Of County - January 1 – December 31, 2017 - $30 (Must provide mail CRDi with their accident insurance policy and their signed application form)

Step ONE: Fill in this Form - scroll down and enter ALL your info

Step TWO: PAY for your membership within 15 days - we will ONLY email you and confirm membership when CRDi receives your payment.

ONLY pay by using the PAYPAL button on www.crdinfo.ca website using the buttons we have provided there.
Go to the EAST SKATER page. Scroll down to the PAYPAL buttons. Please note when using PAYPAL there is an additional fee incorporated into the $30 fee that PAYPAL charges. ($1.25 fee therefore PAYPAL cost s $31.25)
If you send us PAYPAL without the service fee we will not accept it and refund you immediately! Please note that when we refund you when you send the incorrect amount PAYPAL now charges a reversal fee!

EMAIL TRANSFER PAYMENT - send $30 not $31.25 ($31.25 is the PAYPAL payment with the fee charged by PAYPAL which is $1.25. To save time we will not email you to cancel and send the right amount instead Hoochie will accept it and thanks you for the Tims Coffee!)
If you want to pay by email transfer send payment to CRDiEast@gmail.com <-----make sure you spell the email address right! And email transfer $30 not $51.25
PLEASE include your real name and the league you belong to in the email transfer MESSAGE box available to you when completing the email transfer(this is especially important if someone else sends the money for you and does not include your info. When we process the payment we immediately respond. If we do not respond we have not received your payment. We do not accept payments if we cannot match them up to a signed up skaters name. After 15 days of being unable to match payment to a skater we will decline the payment.

The Email Transfer Security Question to ask is: What is the best sport
The answer is: rollerderby
If your bank requires a number be added to the answer make it rollerderby2015
We kept the same passwords to avoid the change over we experience each year when skaters do not change the password from years before.
DO NOT SEND US EMAIL TRANSFERS with the wrong security question and answer - we get them all the time and decline them.

CRDi does NOT accept Hyperwallet OR personal cheques from skaters.
CRDi does not issue refunds.

Money Orders can be mailed to:
10126 - 100 Ave
PoBox 3016
Morinville, Alberta
T8R 1R9

Reminder: You will be removed after 30 days and not covered to skate if payment is not received.

Please press SUBMIT at the end of this form. You should receive this response:

"2017 East CRDi Membership Form Database
Your response has been recorded."

Thank you

Province you live in *
First Name *
Legal name - no nicknames - must match your DL or passport - you are responsible for spelling your name correct here. PLEASE use applicable capital letters at start of your name.
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Last Name *
Legal name - no nicknames - must match your DL or passport - you are responsible for spelling your name correct here. PLEASE use applicable capital letters at start of your name.
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Derby Name
If you do not have one skip this question. Please note we do not register derby names.
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Address *
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City *
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Postal Code
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Day born *
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Month Born *
Year Born *
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League Name *
Health Care Number *
It is mandatory that you provide us with your health care number (this info is needed for IAP for the accident insurance part of your membership)- if you can not find it you must submit it to your league within 30 days. Your membership card will not be issued until we have this info. Please put OUT OF COUNTRY if you do not have Provincial Health Care. We will email you requirements of your membership.
Your answer
Province Health Care Card issued *
Please put the province your health care number was issued
Email address *
We NEED your email address. CRDi will email you a PDF card with your membership number. Spelling counts and we will not be held responsible for delays due to giving CRDi an incorrect email address.
Your answer
Type of Membership you need *
This year if you have been a REF for 2 full years and ONLY a ref (not a skater, coach, NSO and a ref) your membership will be $30. We will be asking you for verification and checking your info. Please have your resume ready!
Paying Via: *
When paying via email transfer, Email: CRDiEast@gmail.com. Security question to ask is: What is the best sport. Answer: Rollerderby PLEASE NOTE VERY IMPORTANT: you need to put your name and league you belong to in the email transfer comments area.
Please read the below statement and print YOUR FULL REAL NAME in space given below. *
Waiver/Release: I, hereby, do affirm the above to be correct and truthful and hereby make application to Canadian Roller Derby Info and Services, CRDI, for membership to play the sport of Roller Derby. I agree to abide by the policies of CRDI and upon registration, I hereby waive and release CRDI, its directors, officers, employees and representatives from and against all actions, demands, costs and expenses in respect to death, injury, loss or damage to my person or property, howsoever caused. This Waiver/Release shall be binding upon me, my heirs, executors and administrators. I acknowledge that I have read this document and have had an opportunity to obtain an explanation as to its contents. CRDi does not issue refunds. PLEASE PRINT NAME IN BOX BELOW
Your answer
This question is for CRDi info only. We are looking for an idea of how many skaters protect themselves by either purchasing extra insurance for this sport or have coverage through work/spouse. We are not using this info to force you to get more insurance, or sell your info to a insurance company. We are just looking at ways to improve what we do by educating your about what you are and are not covered by.
Do you know that CRDi coverage does not cover you for lost wages at work if you are off due to an injury! Please protect yourself if you do not have extra insurance. CRDi does not provide this extra health care and we never will. We just want to educate you to look after yourself. This is not a mandatory question. Please skip if you do not wish to answer.
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