NVC Family Camp
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Thank you for your interest in being a part of something BIG, meaningful, fun, and transformational!

We're looking for a herd of people to serve as the heart of camp, our staff volunteers, with the ability to commit for the duration of camp, plus pre-camp training, bonding and site set-up and post-camp for harvesting feedback together.

From past experience we’ve found that working and playing together before and after camp is important for creating the deep affinity & connection among staff that contribute to the magic and success of our camp.

We’re looking for folks who are on-fire with their deepest heart’s passion; People who share our commitment to families, connection, authenticity, and choice. People who realize that one of their greatest gifts is their presence. We’re looking for people who can model compassion in the heat of challenge and conflict, and have the capacity to hold themselves, families and fellow staff members with inner strength and balance.

If you’re interested in contributing your energy and skills towards supporting families to live the connected lives they yearn to live together and in their community, we’d like to hear back from you! Please take some time to fill out our Volunteer Application at the link below. If you have questions, feel free to contact us..

Thank you for considering being part of our team and adding your gifts as we co-create magic and transformation for families from around the world. We’ll be getting back to you when we receive your application.

With much love and gratitude,

Marcia Christen, Jennifer Warnick and Johnny Colden
Volunteer Coordinators

(Jennifer) jawarnick@sbcglobal.net
(Marcia) marcia@compassionate-language.com

**Please note: We don't consider volunteering as a strategy for reduced tuition. Our volunteers are full time staff who come with the intention to serve our camp families. If you are wanting reduced tuition, please go our website, www.nvcfamilycamp.org, and read the page on “money.” We do have some scholarship money available, and also lots of good ideas on how to fundraise for your family.

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