CAIR-AZ Candidate Guide Questionnaire
Dear Candidate,

Thank you for taking the time to review and complete the 2018 CAIR-AZ Candidate Guide Questionnaire. In the State of Arizona, we have a thriving and growing Muslim community, who seek to engage with and learn more about those candidates who seek to represent them. With well over 30 mosques, dozens of Muslim organizations and estimates of over 50,000 Muslims in the state - projects like this will be vital to ensuring that voters are informed on key issues concerning not only our community - but all Arizonans as well.

This candidate guide will be distributed both digitally and in print to mosques, organizations and individuals across the state. We hope that you will take the time to answer this short questionnaire to help us better educate our communities on these issues, and where their candidates for elected office stand.

We thank you for your time.


The CAIR-Arizona Team
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Q1: What is your stance on immigration? What are your views on immigration and what role do you see immigrants playing in Arizona's economy? *
Q2: What is your stance on Arizona's budget? Should more revenue measures be passed, and if so, what types of services and infrastructure would you prioritize first? *
Q3: If elected, how would you serve your Muslim constituents? How would you increase civic engagement in communities that feel routinely ignored or harassed? *
Q4: What would you do to strengthen Arizona's hate crime laws and reporting of those crimes? *
Q5: What would you do to improve the quality of Arizona's public education system? *
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