SocialX BitcoinTalk Signature Bounty
20%* of the bounty pool to be allocated to the BitcoinTalk Signature campaign. Terms:

- In order to participate, each member should go through registration

-Then, each member should set up a SocialX signature in their Bitcointalk profile according to the profile rank. BBC signature codes are available here:

-Each campaign member should make at least 25 publications on Bitcointalk outside SocialX topic page during their participation in campaign.

A member, who has removed SocialX signature during the bounty campaign, is not eligible for a reward.

Each campaign member is to receive weekly stakes, considering profile rank at Bitcointalk:

Legendary/Hero: 10 stakes
Senior/Full: 7 stakes
Junior/Member: 5 stakes

If a member acquires a new status, they should change the signature accordingly.

* SocialX reserves the right to adapt bounty task percentages by up to 5% depending on the number of contributors.

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