WAC Clearinghouse Teaching and Writing Resources Materials Submission Form

The WAC Clearinghouse community site offers several sets of resources to support teachers interested in using writing in their courses. These resources include a rich collection of guides, teaching tips, access to the Bedford Bits archives, and a list of links to helpful teaching resources elsewhere on the web.

The Associate Publishers of Teaching and Writing Resources for the WAC Clearinghouse look to continue building materials that are responsive to contemporary writing instruction occurring across disciplines, modalities, and institutional contexts. We invite proposals for teaching and writing resources to feature on the WAC Clearinghouse website.

Deadline to submit proposals: 11:59 p.m. EDT August 31, 2020
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1. Resource Type. Select from main categories listed below: *
2. Resource Topic. Provide a one-sentence description of the topic for the resource proposed. *
3. Resource Short Description. Please provide a brief description of your resource. 50-word limit. This statement might be what you would see included on a table-of-contents page to let viewers know what your resource is at a glance. *
4. Resource full description. Please describe the resource you would like to develop in full. This longer description might be what would appear at the top of the sources page to introduce the resource to viewers. 250-word limit. *
5. Resource Rationale. Please discuss your interest in developing the proposed resource, explaining why you are qualified to create it and what you identify as the need for the materials. 250-word limit. *
6. Author Information. Name, institution, and email address. (If proposing a co-authored resource, please provide the name, institution, and email address for each contributor.) *
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