Randolphville PTO Membership Drive And Friend Finder - 2018/2019
The Randolphville PTO cares about our children and is dedicated to making their school
experience a memorable one. The PTO sponsors many activities throughout the year:
guest speakers, cultural arts programs, class trips, family fun events, book fairs and field
day. With your help and annual dues, we can do so much for our children. Annual dues
are $15 per family. Membership in the PTO makes you eligible for a discount at selected
family fun events.

This school year we are bringing back the PTO Friend Finder for the Randolphville students. It is a
phone and address directory strictly for the student’s use. The Friend Finder is invaluable
for checking homework assignments with classmates and making play dates with friends.
Participation is completely voluntary. Please note: The Friend Finder will only be given
to those students who have signed up with parental approval.

Please respond to both the membership drive and the Friend Finder by September 30, 2018.
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