Student Application 學生申請表
Please note, the essay questions on the next page of the application in Section I will require students to think and write out their answers. Before beginning the application, make sure students are prepared to spend time to thoroughly answer the questions. The questions in section I, II, and IV MUST be filled out by the student.

請注意,申請書下一頁,第一段的論說題,需要申請的學生思考後填寫他們的答案。請學生要開始填寫申請表時,準備足夠的時間能完善地回答問題。第 I、II、IV 段,必須由學生填寫。

Full Name 姓名 *
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Preferred English Name 慣用的英文名字 *
What would you like us to call you during VOICE? 在 VOICE 你要我們怎麼稱呼你?
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Birthdate 生日 *
Have you attended VOICE before? 你曾今有參加過 VOICE 營會嗎?
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