Provider Questionnaire
Our state has yet to fulfill its commitment to child care. The goal of collecting this information is to highlight the gaps in resources resulting from the chronic underfunding by New York State. We expect to compile the information to inform the drafting of universal child care legislation, and to put pressure on elected officials to fully fund universal child care. Please be as descriptive as possible in answering the questions in order to illustrate the needs in your region. We will need to follow up with you to ensure that we have all the information necessary to show the public how the state is not providing adequate funding for districts to meet ALL their children’s needs.

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Provider Name/Name of Child Care Modality *
Type of modality *
Zip Code *
What is the greatest challenge facing those who provide child care? *
What would be your first priority if your region received more funding for child care? *
What difficult child care decisions has your region had to make due to funding constraints? *
What are the technological needs in your region? *
Do you have adequate support staff? *
If no to previous question, please explain issues you are experiencing with staffing. *
Are there any instructional programs that you would like to be added or expanded? Are there any other programs or services that support children and families that you would like to add? *
Has enrollment increased in recent years? *
If yes, what modifications did you have to make in order to accommodate the increase? *
Do you currently serve, or have you ever served, families receiving child care subsidies? *
If no, please explain (or put N/A if not applicable). *
If you have ever served families with subsidies, what challenges have you faced managing subsidies? *
Please provide any additional details below that you would like to mention regarding the following: enrollment / staffing, language accessibility, support staff materials (including technology), space (including playgrounds and outdoor activity space), and specialized programing. *
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