Portal Treasure Hunt! Elementary
How well do you know your portal? Check out this Treasure Hunt to find the hidden "treasures" for the coming school year!
Open this link in another tab, click on Elementary, and start hunting!


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English Through Music
Go to the topic "English Through Music" and find the Digital Activities. What do you do with the EFL Club Song Site?
9 points
Back to School
Go to the topic Back to School. Look at " A Class Survey" activity. What does Malisa Iturain suggest to do after the survey? *
9 points
Which subject on the Portal has this picture next to it? *
9 points
Web Tools and Apps
Wizer is an online video maker tool. *
8 points
Pre- and Post- Reading Activities
Go to the topic Pre- and Post- Reading Activities and find a website that has a large collection of pre- and post-reading activities. *
9 points
My Idea
Go to My Idea. Sivan Edri turned her school into a... *
9 points
You can find worksheets about hanukkah on the Boggles World site.
8 points
Creative Writing
Go to the topic Creative Writing. Watch the video Acrostic Poem Examples for Kids. What is the title of the second poem? *
9 points
Audio Books: Stories - Reading and Listening
Go to the topic Audio Books: Stories - Reading and Listening. Stroll down to Videos and click on StorylineOnline. Who reads the story A Tale of Two Beasts? *
10 points
Rabin Remembrance Day
Go to the topic Rabin Remembrance Day. Here you can find a short video explaining about democracy.
10 points
Drama in the EFL Classroom
Go to the topic Drama in the EFL Classroom. Read the article from FluentU. How did the researcher Albert Mehrabian break down human communication? *
10 points
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