Submission form for AAAS-PD Maker Exhibit: "Maker Tech for Visualizing and Teaching Math", 18-21June, Ashland, OR, 2019
For the last few years we've had a scientific maker exhibit at AAAS-PD. This year we're changing it up a bit to focus on teaching and learning math.

Have you used 3D printing, electronics, etc to visualize a math concept yourself, to create manipulatives for your students to play with in the classroom, or to use in teaching and learning some other way? If so, please share your physical object (and your lessons learned) with us in Ashland.

This form is to submit an EXHIBIT, which is a piece of hardware, a 3D print, etc. that can be displayed on a tabletop. This is NOT a poster session or a symposium where you give slides. There will not be any way to hang anything behind the tables. Maker exhibitors can also apply separately to present a poster or talk in addition. This is intended to be a "third option" (separate from posters and talks) suited for those wanting to talk about a physical object. You will stand at your table for an hour and a half or so during one of the conference days.

Note that super early bird registration ends April 26, 2019. Accepted presenters and exhibitors will be notified as quickly as possible. All participants must register for the meeting, but there is no additional charge to exhibit.

Conference details, submissions of talks or posters, and registration:

Exhibits will have safety inspection requirements from AAASPD and/or the host institution and AAASPD at its discretion may require a Release of Liability form filled out, signed, and on file with AAASPD before the exhibit.

Questions? Contact session co-chair Joan Horvath

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