2019 NYC DH Week Feedback
Thank you for joining us at one of the many NYC DH Week activities. From the Kickoff hosted by Fordham University at Lincoln Center to over 35 workshops hosted by many institutions across NYC for more than 550 participants, the NYC DH community is vibrant and growing. The NYC DH Steering Committee and NYC DH Organizing committee would like to hear from you.

Data collected from this form will remain internal to the NYC DH Steering committee and not be used or shared with any outside organization. We will use the feedback to help improve our outreach, workshop offerings, and panels for next year. We also welcome additional feedback about NYC DH and encourage anyone with ideas to get in touch with us through the nycdh.org website about ways that you can become more involved with the community.

Is this your first year attending a NYC DH Week event (either a workshop or the kickoff)?
Which of the following events attracted you to NYC DH Week?
Will you be participating in NYC DH Workshops this week?
If yes, which workshop/s are you attending?
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What topics would you like to see covered at next year's NYC DH Week Kickoff?
How did you hear about NYC DH Week?
If you are not already part of the NYC DH website at NYCDH.org and would like to join, please include your email address below.
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Please share any additional feedback that you feel would be useful to the NYC DH Steering Committee as we plan for next year.
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