MCQ : Cell Cycle, Mitosis and Meiosis (Set-1)
1. Chromosomes can be best at the stage of
2. In mitosis chromosome duplication occurs during
3. In mitosis the number of chromosome sets in daughter cells
4. A complete set of chromosome inherited as a unit from one parent is known as
5. Separation of sister chromatids takes place in
6. Homologous chromosomes are separated during
7. Longest phase in cell cycle
8. Which is the longest phase in Meiosis I
9. Synapsis is characteristic of
10. Which is the longest stage of prophase I of Meiosis I
11. Synaptonemal complex completed during
12. Terminalisation of chiasma occurs at
13. Chiasmata in cell division is seen in
14. Synapsis is the pairing of
15. the chromosomes appears as long thin threads in
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