WWWC8 Vendor Application
Load in: Thursday March 7, 2019
Convention: Friday March 8th, Saturday the 9th and Sunday the 10th
Load out: Monday, March 11th
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If you don't have a website, please indicate that and we will request some photos of your products.
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Contact Information
Vending Space
If you would like more then one space, or sizes/types not listed here (a 20x10 space, for example) please indicate that in "other".

As we do experience winds at Old Tucson, any outside tents must be sturdy and well-constructed.

Vending space(s) desired *
Pick vending spaces you are interested in
Approximately how tall is your vending display? *
Around 10-ft is the practical limit for Stage-2 and our Vendor Tent. We want to determine which booths will block line-of-sight in specific areas. Some height exceptions may be made upon request.
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Company Information
We want our vendors to be as successful as possible! We ask the following questions in an attempt to minimize duplication of the same types of vending items. We cannot guarantee that other vendors will not bring some of the things you are, but we try to minimize crossover of business types.
Describe the products your company sells *
Please provide a short description of the type of products, and variety of your offering to our convention guests.
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Price range of products to be sold *
General dollar range, $10-100, $50-250, etc.
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Previous WWWC conventions vended at
check boxes for the conventions you vended at
Other conventions vended at
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Special requests
placement preference, or other factors you would like considered (optional)
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Sponsorships & Advertising
We're here to help your business be successful! If you have any Sponsorship/Advertising ideas not covered in this section, please add them to the "Other" option below.
Advertising: Your Banner on the side of the Vendor Barn or Vendor Tent
Banners will be hand-returned Sunday after close or Monday (if prior arrangement is agreed on) [Does not include shipping]
Sponsorship: The WWWC7 Saloon-to-Vendor area Horse-Drawn Trolley
Your logo will boldly appear on the Trolley for the entire park to see! This is a free (and extremely popular!) horse-drawn trolley that will take anyone from the "downtown" Old Tucson Saloon to the Vendor Area (in front of the Vendor Tent and Barn) - It runs continuously during park hours.
Sponsorships and Advertising
If desired, a member of our marketing/sponsorship team will contact you to discuss additional ways to promote your company
WWWC8 Charity - Kids Need to Read - Can you help out?
This year WWWC is partnering with Kids Need To Read, a non profit charity organization that provides inspiring books to underfunded schools, libraries, and literacy programs across th US, especially those serving disadvantaged children. Would you be willing to make a tax deductible donation of items from your booth for our charity raffle?
I understand that vending spaces are sold on a first-come, first served basis based on time of payment. *
Once approved for vending space you will be sent a link to the WWWC8 online payment system, you are not guaranteed a vending space until paid in full. Spaces may be held or reserved at our discretion, but this is the general rule.
Will you require handicap parking?
We have limited handicap parking near the Stage-2 Barn, and we want to make sure those spaces are reserved only for people who need it.
A member of our Vendor Management team will be contacting you within a few days to discuss your application.
Thank you for submitting a Vendor application!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email our Vendor Manager Demi:

Is there anything else you would like us to know?
Comments, suggestions, or other things we should consider.
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