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Our Style Profiles are a very popular cross-promotional feature on the Fresh Collective blog!

If you've already had the chance to visit one of our boutiques or have shopped our pieces online, you know that sustainable, Canadian-made designs and fun + functional clothing is what we're all about.

This is why we love having you wonderful ladies model our pieces!

Through our blog and other social media platforms, we proudly promote fabulous, real women from our community by sharing their causes, passions, businesses, inspiring stories and insights with our following.

Style Profiles run all year long, as we're always looking for awesome women to feature and cross promote with! Ladies of all ages (fitting 4-16, as these are the sizes we carry) who love Fresh Collective and the local designers we represent are welcome to apply. Please take a moment to fill out this form if you are interested!

How it works:

1: You fill out our application form and book an appointment for a Style Profile photoshoot at our Roncesvalles or Queen Street East boutique location.

2: On your appointment day, you drop by your selected boutique to model 5 or more outfits from our boutique (including jewellery and other accessories) for your feature on our blog. Photoshoots last approximately 55 minutes, but we encourage you to arrive 10-15 minutes in advance of your appointment in order to participate in outfit selection. Makeup and hair styling is not provided, but you can come looking as casual or dolled up as you'd like!

3: Following the photoshoot, we e-mail you a digital interview with 10-12 questions (including several tailored to address whatever you're promoting) to let our readership know a bit more about you.

4: Once we've received your responses, we publish your digital interview on our Fresh Collective blog and share it on our social media. We encourage you to share it with your networks, too!

5: You get a copy of all the selected pictures from your photoshoot, watermark-free!

We can't wait to hear from you! :)

Below are some examples so you can see what it's all about:

**Along with this form, please email a photo to with your full name as the subject line**

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Where did you hear about this opportunity? Are you with a group we are doing a cross-promotion with? If so, what is the group?
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