Committee on Research Survey
The Faculty Committee on Research and the Office for Faculty Research Development are interested in getting some input into how you use research committee funds and how well our programs match your research needs.
In which department or program is your primary appointment?
What is your current position at Vassar?
What are your primary needs for your scholarly pursuits? (check all that apply)
The Faculty Committee on Research hosts two calls for proposals each year, one in the fall and one in the spring. How often do you submit a proposal?
Each Committee on Research award is capped at $5000. Each of the categories within the award are also capped. If the award category caps were made more flexible, how likely would it be that you request the full $5000 in a given proposal?
If funds were available for a small number of larger awards, for project periods longer than one year, how likely would you be to apply for such opportunities?
If the Committee on Research offered one three-year award in the sciences and one in the non-sciences, how likely would you be to apply for such an award? Each award would allow up to $15,000 over a three-year period, with no renewal, for a defined project leading to a published work or extramural funding. (This larger award would be in place of the usual, small, individual award for the period of the award.)
Currently, the Committee on Research does not subject proposals to competitive peer review. How comfortable are you with a more competitive review for fewer projects with more funds?
The Committee on Research is considering a pilot project where collaborative projects between two faculty at the College might be funded up to $30,000 over a three-year period, following competitive review. How likely are you to apply for such an award?
Currently, the College does not fund travel or lodging for collaborators to come to campus to work on projects with faculty. Would such an option enhance your scholarship?
Some other institutions provide funding for manuscript assistance that involves bringing an expert to campus to work with small groups of faculty on their book manuscripts. Would you be interested in such an opportunity?
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