Yoga with Maisah Survey
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When did you last have a chance to attend my class?
Which class did you attend?
How often are you generally able to come to my class?
On average, how often are you able to make it to any yoga class?
Did you feel like my class was well-sequenced and safe?
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Did you feel like my instructions were clear & concise?
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Did you receive any physical adjustments in my class? If so, were you comfortable with the adjustment?
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Did you feel like I genuinely cared about your well-being during class?
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What brought you to yoga? If applicable, what keeps you interested in your practice?
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Please check all of the following that you enjoy experiencing during class:
Please check all of the following that you could live without experiencing during class:
Did you feel like I offered you enough options for pose personalization? Where the options I offered helpful or overwhelming?
(i.e. Did you like the options provided to make to pose more approachable or more challenging?)
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Did you feel empowered to make choices that were right for your body, even if it was something different from what I was cueing during the class? If no, what made that difficult for you? Is there something I could do/say that would make you feel more comfortable making choices that might differ from what I'm cueing?
(e.g. I'm cueing "hold down dog for 10 breaths" and your body would rather have a child's pose)
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What did you like best about my class?
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What did you like least about my class?
(Please feel free to be completely honest here. Your answers are anonymous, and your feedback helps me to make my classes better for you and your fellow practioners)
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If you attend one of my classes regularly, is there anything you would like to see more of/study more during class? Anything you wish I didn't spend so much time on?
(Again, feel free to be honest here)
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Is there anything else you would like to share with me?
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