Twitter Case Studies (Archives, Libraries, and Museums)
Hello! Tinamarie Vella and myself (Valerie Forrestal) are writing a primer to help archives, libraries and museums use Twitter to create active communities around their resources and services. If your organization has done some rad stuff with Twitter, and you'd like to be featured as a brief case study in the book, please consider submitting your story! We'd like to mention you and your library by name, but you can also submit anonymously if you'd rather. None of these questions are required, so read through all the questions first and just answer the ones you feel are relevant to telling your story. (I know you're busy!)
Do you have a social media policy/plan?
Can you share your plan or the plan you used as a template? (url)
Can you share your plan or the plan you used as a template? (file upload)
Do you have any strategies for engaging your community? How did you develop/hone them? Were there any you tried that did not work well?
Do you have particular hashtags for your library? What was the process behind creating them? Do you have to work with other departments to do this? For example, if you work for a university, do you have to get approvals for the university.
Has your organization run a successful Twitter campaign around a hashtag, bot, contest, etc., that you'd be willing to share the details of? Tell us your story!
Would you recommend certain Twitter platforms and software over others? How did you research and develop those conclusions about finding the right platform and software for your library?
Are there standards/logos that you must use for branding? Do you find these standards restrictive or helpful for building the brand the way you'd like to?
Do you create your own graphics/images for your account? What software/apps do you use to create or enhance images? How do you deal with copyright issues?
What kind of practices does your library follow for curating the Twitter feed? Does your library have specific guidelines beyond your social media policy/plan? Have you felt that you needed to adapt based on your community's needs?
Do you automate your tweets, or have a schedule? Do you find that certain times are better to post than others? Have you done any type of surveys that you could share?
Do you have a favorite Twitter library account or bot that you highly recommend?
Have you created custom searches for your library community? Are their custom searches that are not from your library, but are particularly helpful?
How do you utilize cross-platform posting, do you post the same content to Facebook, Instagram, etc? Have you found that different content works better for Twitter?
Do you embed your tweets on your main site, or create custom feeds for your community? If so, how did you decide which feeds to highlight?
How do you keep track of analytics on your Twitter feed? Does your library support paid tools to maximize your social media feed? Have you found ways to track for free?
Do you have any tips for engaging with your community?
Do you have any tips for engaging with other organizations?
Your name:
Your title:
Your organization:
Your organization's Twitter handle:
What type of library would self-categorize as (public, academic, school, medical, law, museum, archive, government, specialized, etc...)
May we contact you with follow-up questions or for further detail? (If yes, please include the contact information for your preferred method of communication.)
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