NP SciOly Student Information Form 2017-2018
This form is required for all NP SciOly members. Make sure you see the message saying you can close your window before you log out. You must fill in all required information. The required information has a red asterix next to it.
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This will help us get you access to team only programs. The tech department asks us to provide them with a list of usernames so they can grant permissions.
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Do you have any activites or sports that will interfere with Science Olympiad from now until May?
List everything that is going to interfere. For example: Track, Softball, Cheerleading. It is ok that you are in these events. We need to know so we can plan for your absence.
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Please check classes you have had or are currently taking
Physical Science
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Enviromental
AP Physics
Ecology / Energy
Human Physiology
Energy, Power, and Transportation
Wood Technology
Communications Technology
Pre Engineering: Architectural Drawing
Principles of Engineering
Java Programming
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