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I fully understand and acknowledge that participating in activities organised by the clubs and societies in KDU may be strenuous and choose to participate voluntarily. I accept full responsibility for my own safety. I agree not to hold the trainers or management responsible for any injuries, which may occur. Furthermore, I realise that it is my responsibility to know my own limits and will not act in a manner that will bring harm to me or others. It is also my duty to immediately point out any injuries or limitations that I may have to the instructors or management and to seek medical attention as required. I agree that I will not continue with any session if prohibited by the coach/trainer. It is also my duty to report any safety issues/concerns to the Club Advisor/ Club Facilitator / Student & Alumni Centre. I fully understand and agree to all the above; I also agree to comply with all the safety rules presented by instructors/trainers and/or management. Management hold the right to terminate any contract or membership at any time for students who fail to comply with the aforementioned.
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