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Terms & Conditions
• Posts and website listing are meant to expose the client to a wider audience on our networks and beyond.
• All social media posts are done weekly.
• Payment for services offered by Find A Daycare are valid for 52 weeks from the week of payment.
• Payments earmarked for a particular service is non-refundable and cannot be transferred.
• Find A Daycare is not responsible for acquiring new clients but rather to create more awareness about your institution.
• Your school is responsible for providing up-to-date information and notifying Find A Daycare of any recent changes.
• Find A Daycare will regularly lift images and additional content from your platforms for advertisements if need be.
• Find A Daycare has the right to create/alter weekly posts if your institution fails to provide information agreed upon.
• Should Find A Daycare advertise a teaching vacancy, our responsibility ends with the post and not with subsequent events that follow the hiring process and/or employment and termination (we charge 10% of salary for any teacher employed through us).

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