Log your 2018 F5 Bike Everywhere Day Celebration Station Rider Counts!!!
Thank you for all your help on F5 Bike Everywhere Day! All the information we collect regarding riders that stop at your station remains safe and secure, and goes towards a better understanding of cycle commutes around Washington State!

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What was the name of your Celebration Station sponsor/group/organization/cause? *
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Where was your Celebration Station located? *
Please use the closest possible building, business, or place name as an address, including a description of where on the premises your station will be. The more specific you are, the more accurately we can place the location on our map! Alternatively, you can cut & paste a link to the location from Google Maps or Apple Maps, or even use geographic coordinates. In the case you are hosting a rural or trail based location, use the most descriptive explanation you can muster (i.e. East side of the 520 trail 50 ft. just north of NE 40th; or the SE corner of Highway 155 & Columbia River Rd in Omak).
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How many TOTAL riders stopped at your station? *
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If you can guesstimate, how many bikes that came through your station were BIKESHARE bikes (any brand counts.... orange, green or yellow!) - You can also give us a rough % guess as well.
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Have questions about Bike Everywhere Month 2019? Email us at bikemonth@cascade.org!
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