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Supply is limited. Orders will be filled in the order in which they are received. We will inform you if we have sold out of a variety.

What is seed garlic?

Seed garlic are heads of garlic intended for breaking up into cloves and planting in October to harvest the next year. Most garlic is grown from this "seed garlic" because this allows the gardener to maintain a garlic variety's desired traits. Seed garlic can also be used as culinary garlic.

How do I grow garlic?
Garlic is grown from the clove planted pointy side up, in the first couple weeks of October. Cloves are heavily mulched in over the winter. In the spring the cloves should grow. Through the season maintain a thick mulch, weed and water as necessary. Hardneck varieties will need their "scapes" pruned mid-summer. Garlic should be ready to harvest in August. There are many more detailed garlic growing guilds online ( http://bit.ly/2wbcfCm ) and many gardening books available in the DCGP library, located at our office.

When and where do I pay for and pick up my garlic order?

Your garlic order can be paid for at pick up. Cash and check are the preferred forms of payment. Garlic orders can be picked up at the DCGP office, 206 W 4th St, Wednesday through Thursday 10am–1pm, or by appointment.

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