Spring 2019 Rotaract Historian Internship
Dear Applicant,

Hi! Thank you for expressing interest in the Spring 2019 Historian internship. We look forward to reading your application. Before you fill out this application, please be aware that the most important qualification to us is PASSION. A close second is COMMITMENT. We are only taking interns that are genuinely interested in photography/videography and are willing to put in the time and effort required of this internship. You do not have to have ANY experience with photography or videography to be selected, we just ask that you be willing to learn. We would prefer that you HAVE A CAMERA available to you. You do not need to have one immediately, but the sooner the better.
                                                          APPLICATION DUE FEBRUARY 13 BY 11:59PM

>Tabling: 1 hour/week w/ 3 excused absences
>Officer Chats: Attend 2 OC's (Announcement & Final)
>Internal Board Meetings: Attend all Internal Board meetings (once monthly)
>Committees: Attend all assigned Committee meetings and events w/4 excused absences per term
>General: Create, plan, and execute creative projects marketing Rotaract

>Basics of how to use a camera
>Adobe Lightroom
>Adobe Photoshop
>Adobe Premiere Pro
>Communication and leadership skills
>Marketing experience
>And hopefully you'll find a family here in Cal Rotaract!!

By submitting this application, you are affirming your ability to devote the time and effort required by this position if selected. As an intern, you are REQUIRED to attend general meetings and major events as a general member. This is a important so that you would be able to meet other members/officers and learn about more about all of the events. The most important responsibility however would be to cover the meetings and events of your assigned committee (International, Local, Interact, Rotary). We assign committees based on your personal interest/preference/time schedule, so that there is at least one active Recollection Teammate in each committee. We encourage you to join other committees but your main priority should be your assigned committee. For the General Internship, you will not have a committee but rather duties relative to Fellowship.
For all interns, you will  take photos during events, edit these photos, and publish these photos for the club. The goal of these event albums is to create an aesthetically appealing and realistic storyline of the event. This should give members who attended something to remember and incentivize future turnout by members who did not attend. Videos should also be taken at each event, which will be incorporated into club videos later on. You will utilize photo-editing/editing software, such as Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe Photoshop (all of which are free for Berkeley students).

As products of this very internship, we have immense faith in the power of this program. These Internships will give endless opportunities for you to practice your crafts, whether it be videography, photography or both. As such, your technical skills and experience will increase tremendously. Of course, these skills are applicable to many aspects of your lives and you will be able to take what you learn and grow as an individual creator. Through personal experience, this internship has allowed us to grow and incorporate creativity into our daily lives and has brought us closer to people we now consider family. Even if you have doubts, we highly encourage you to apply for these internships.

Best Regards,
Dylan Supencheck & Charlotte Ong
Spring 2019 Co-Historians
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