Local Music Survey
Our Local Music Survey Provides Us valuable Feedback From The Community As We Work On Our Mission To Build A Foundation For The Local Music Scene. 

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My High School Art Program Was...
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How Important Would You Say Art Is In Grade Schools?
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What Program Would You Say Is Most Useful In Grade Schools?
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Would You Agree That Business and/or Finance Should Be In The Core Curriculum for Grade School Students?
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Do You Support Kids Learning How To Play Musical Instruments?
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Are You In Favor Of Your Taxpayer Dollars Funding Art Classes In Public Schools?
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Do Artists Pose A Threat To Society?
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Do You Think Artists Have Any Place In Politics?
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How Would You Suggest An Artist Pursue A Career In The Arts?
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Do You Like Photography? If so, what kinds?
Favorite Music Genres
Favorite Artists Of All Time
Favorite Movie Genres
Do You Drink Alcohol? If so, what kinds?
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Favorite Sports Teams
Favorite Food(s)
Favorite Hobbies
My Cellphone is...
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Favorite American Car Brand
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Cats or Dogs?
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What Types of Things Do You Like To Read?
Do You Read Magazines?
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Have You Ever Subscribed To A Magazine Before?
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What Are Some Of Your Biggest Concerns Regarding Your Local Music Scene?
Would You Support An Artist Development Center for Local Talent In Your Area? *
Would You Like To Join Our Mission Of Shaping The Future of The Local Music Scene?
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