2017 CMA Audience Engagement Survey
As CMA continues to support its members and the field, we want to learn about your experiences in building and engaging your audience(s). Please fill out this survey by August 31, 2017 to enter the lottery for one free registration (valued at $205) to CMA's 40th Anniversary Conference (January 4-7, 2018) in New York City. The survey should take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Thank you for your time and thoughtful consideration.

The survey is divided into four sections:
1. Multiple choice and short answer questions about your audience-building activities
2. Familiarity with our audience-building resources
3. Details about your own audience-building strategies - Expand on any of your previous answers
4. Demographic questions

1. In the last year, how often were your concerts filled to capacity? *
2. Which audience(s) are you most interested in attracting? (Check all that apply) *
3. Why do you want to attract those audiences?
Your answer
4. In the last year, have you changed an element of your programming to target a specific audience? (Check all that apply) *
5. What do you perceive to be the biggest barrier(s) to increasing attendance at your concerts? (Check all that apply) *
6. In the last year, have you surveyed your current or prospective audiences? *
7. If you have conducted a survey in the last year, select the type(s) that you used. (Check all that apply)
8. In the last year, which social media platforms have you used/updated regularly? (Check all that apply) *
9. In the last year, what other tools and technologies have you used to help reach your audiences? (Check all that apply) *
10. In the last year, have you conducted any extra-concert programming to attract audiences? (Check all that apply)
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