Join the Sally Stovall Memorial Plastic-Free/Low-Plastic Summer Challenge!
Thanks for supporting Oak Parker Sally Stovall's long-standing green efforts by joining us in a Plastic-Free/Low-Plastic Summer Challenge. Sally was co-founder of Green Community Connections, a founding member of One Earth Film Fest, and a tireless warrior for our environment. She devoted her life to building a better, healthier world for future generations. Sally passed away suddenly on May 21, 2019 -- while in the midst of helping to plan a campaign for a plastic-free July. Please learn more about Sally and the challenge at

THE CHALLENGE. Don't be overwhelmed by how impossible "Plastic-Free" might seem. Let's all do our best to focus on greatly reducing the amount of plastic we purchase and use over the summer. Even greatly lowering the amount of plastic in our lives will help. Read on below to join.

THIS SUMMER, LET'S resolve to greatly reduce the amount of plastic and overall waste in our daily lives -- while here at home, and even while traveling or on vacation.

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD TO OTHER LOCAL FOLKS ABOUT THIS PLASTIC-FREE/LOW-PLASTIC SUMMER CHALLENGE! For questions, please contact Thanks for joining us in celebrating the incredible legacy of Sally Stovall -- and in caring for our one and only planet Earth by walking the talk as she did each and every day!

We will recognize up to 3 participating individuals/families/teams for their achievements in plastic and waste reduction by mid-September.

In light of Sally Stovall's commitment to youth, we will recognize up to 1 additional prize specifically for individuals/families/teams who attend a West Suburban-area school (preschool through high school) for their achievements in this challenge.

Fun, zero waste prizes will be awarded, and winners will be announced by September 16 via email to all participating individuals/families/teams who successfully registered using the form below. Winners will also be announced at by September 16. We may offer winners the opportunity to be interviewed for a post-campaign article that will be published online.

To enter the Plastic-Free/Low-Waste Summer Challenge, please:

1. As soon as you're able, please email a photo of you and/or your team to Add your team name (optional). We'll email you handy plastic-free tips.

2. Join the Sally Stovall Memorial Plastic-Free/Low-Plastic Summer Challenge FOR ANY 30-DAY STRETCH between June 10 and Aug 30, 2019, and feel free to extend beyond 30 days (all days must still be consecutive, however). Please denote the start and end dates for when you conducted your challenge in the form below. Individuals, families, teams/groups MUST participate for at least 30 CONSECUTIVE DAYS in order to join the challenge. Hopefully, learnings gained and habits formed will last long after the challenge is over.

3. Folks who are part of the Oak Park-River Forest and surrounding (Near West Suburban) communities are eligible to participate.

4. Keep a bag or box that you use to store ALL OF THE "necessary" plastic/waste you/your family/your team generated during this 30-day summer challenge. Try to keep the amount as low as possible. This should be a FULL COLLECTION OF ALL PLASTIC DISCARDED during this period -- no matter where the waste was generated. Please email photos to by Sept 3, 2019 at midnight. Please report both the volume (cubic inches or yards) and weight of your plastic waste (minus the bag or bin's weight) -- as well as # of participating people in your household or team. There is a space for you to provide that info below. This data is self-reported and therefore will not be the primary determiner of winners, but will aid in our understanding of your experience in the Plastic-Free Summer Challenge. *AFTER REPORTING PLASTIC COLLECTION DATA BELOW, PLEASE HOLD ON TO YOUR bag(s) or bin(s) of summer 2019 plastic (whatever was generated between June 10 and Aug 30), in case we need to verify data reports before winners are announced in mid-September.

5. This challenge is focused on REDUCING plastic-waste generation, which means not buying it or buying very little of it to bring into our homes and lives. RECYCLING plastic is not the goal and DOES NOT COUNT towards the plastic-free/low plastic challenge. During this period, if you purchase something in a recyclable plastic container, you must put the container in your summer challenge bag or box, not your recycling bin. If you buy, use and then REUSE any plastic (containers, for example), please account specifically for those items in the entry form below.

6. A panel of local judges working in environmental sustainability will determine the winners, based on a combination of qualitative and quantitative data provided by all participants below. The measurements of your plastic challenge bags/s or bins/s are required and may be verified. (Therefore, please keep your bags or bins of plastic until the challenge concludes on Sept 16th.) Also required are your thoughtful responses to the questions that follow.

Please see

AFTER YOU HAVE COMPLETED YOUR CHALLENGE, please fill out the form below to submit your results and share your experiences. Forms are due by midnight on Tuesday, Sept 3, 2019.

Thanks for joining us!
Green Community Connections
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Oak Park, IL 60302

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What was the official start date of your plastic-free/low-plastic summer challenge? (Your challenge MUST span any 30 consecutive days between June 10 and Aug 30, 2019.) *
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What is the total volume (NOT compressed, but comfortably placed in (a) bag/s or (a) bin/s), which you collected, representing the FULL AMOUNT of plastic waste you/your team or family generated during your challenge? *Length x width x height of collection receptacle represents the cubic inches, feet, or yards (i.e., volume) of the plastic waste generated. *
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What is the total weight of the bag/s or bin/s, which you collected, representing the FULL AMOUNT of plastic waste you/your team or family generated during your challenge? *Please subtract that weight of the receptacle that contains the plastic waste generated. *
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This Challenges focuses primarily on REDUCTION of plastic altogether. If you needed to purchase and use any plastic, and then REUSED it (for another purpose, like to store things), please describe below.
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What top 3 tips would you share (be specific please!) with others who are trying to reduce the amount of plastic and/or waste-generation in their lives? *
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What were the 3 biggest issues with which you struggled during the summer challenge? Please number each issue (#1, #2, #3). *
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What specific conclusions do you draw about low-plastic living, through your experience with 30 or more days of the Sally Stovall Memorial Plastic-Free/Low-Plastic Summer Challenge? *
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What additional reflections, if any, do you have about your experience during the Plastic-Free/Low-Plastic Summer Challenge, or about the societal problem of plastic (in light of current environmental challenges)?
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May we contact you using your email address above within 1-3 months after the conclusion of this Plastic-Free/Low-Plastic Summer Challenge, to see how you're doing on continuing to go plastic-free/low-plastic? *
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