Pathways Assessment for the University Writing Program
The following form is designed for you to complete requisite Pathways Assessment for sections of ENGL1105 and ENGL1106 at Virginia Tech. Pathways is the name of Virginia Tech's General Education Program (i.e., courses that assure broad-based fluencies across foundational learning experiences in a variety of disciplines). The University Writing Program's compliance with this assessment initiative is essential to maintaining the program's good standing with routine accreditation processes in accordance with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

Data collection for Spring 2022 is open; the form is up-to-date. The Pathways assessment process is required for all sections of ENGL1105 and ENGL1106, in accordance with the university's General Education program.

We have prepared a worksheet for you to print and use to aid the process. You can submit the data (one worksheet per section) on paper by submitting a copy to Derek Mueller (Shanks 323, box 17) or by entering data into this online form (preferred).

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Pathways Assessment for the University Writing Program
To prepare, identify the appropriate major assignment for the section of ENGL1105 or ENGL1106 you are assessing. The most appropriate artifact from ENGL1105 is the rhetorical analysis project. For ENGL1106, the most appropriate project is the sustained, source-based research paper. If, in your teaching, another assignment is more appropriate, it is permissible to base your Pathways assessment on that artifact. You need only to name and describe the assignment below.

After you select your name, the section ID number (or five-digit CRN), and the assignment, choose "Continue to next section" to begin entering ratings for the five Student Learning Outcomes in the Discourse area and the two Student Learning Outcomes in the Intercultural and Global Awareness area.

Student Learning Outcomes
1. Discover and comprehend information from a variety of written, oral, and visual sources.
2. Analyze and evaluate the content of information from diverse sources.
3. Develop effective content that is appropriate to a specific context, audience, and/or purpose.
4. Exchange ideas effectively with an audience.
5. Assess the product/presentation, including feedback from readers and listeners.

Intercultural and Global Awareness
1. Identify advantages and challenges of diversity and inclusion in communities and organizations.
2. Interpret an intercultural experience from both one’s own and another’s worldview.

A simple, one-page worksheet that displays these Student Learning Outcomes and the three ratings (below competent, competent, and above competent) associated for each of them is available at
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